ep70 Monthly Web 202007



第 70 回のテーマは 2020 年 7 月の Monthly Web です。

Show Note

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Safari 動向

  • Stable: 13.1.1
  • Updates
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 110
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10929/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-110/
      • Added a functional WebRTC VP9 codec (r263734, r263820)
      • Allowed registering VP9 as a VT decoder (r263894)
      • Added support for freeze and pause receiver stats (r263351)
      • Added MediaRecorder.onstart support (r263671, r263896)
      • Enabled VTB required low latency code path (r263931)
      • Improved UI for PIN entry for security keys
      • Keyframe animation with infinite iteration count doesn't show up in the Animations timeline (r263400)
      • Changed to require a <form> to be connected before it can be submitted (r263624)
        • connect できてないサーバへの submit はしないという仕様に準拠
      • Added referrerpolicy attribute support for <link> (r263356, r263442)
      • Allow setting empty host/hostname on URLs if they use file scheme (r263971)
      • Allow the async clipboard API to write data when copying via menu action or key binding (r263480)
      • Changed to check for mode="showing" to consider a text track as selected in the tracks panel (r263802)
      • Implemented relevant simulated key presses for custom ARIA widgets for increment and decrement (r263823)
      • Enabled RelativeTimeFormat and Locale by default (r263227)
      • Added the capability to call the Storage Access API as a quirk, on behalf of websites that should be doing it themselves (r263383)
      • Updated text manipulation to exclude text rendered using icon-only fonts (r263527)
      • Added a new text manipulation heuristic to decide paragraph boundary (r263958)
      • Enabled referrer policy attribute support by default (r263274)
      • Added a tooltip to the icon of resources replaced by a local override explaining what happened (r263429)
      • Allow selecting text of Response (DOM Tree) in Network tab (r263872)
      • Adjusted the height of title area when Web Inspector is undocked to match macOS Big Sur (r263377, r263402)
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 111
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10967/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-111/
      • Added an error message if unable to fetch shader source in the Canvas tab (r264045)
      • Added the capability to open a popup and get user interaction so we can call the Storage Access API as a quirk, on behalf of websites that should be doing it themselves (r263992)
      • Implemented user action specifications for Escape action (r264000)
    • Speculation in JavaScriptCore
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10308/speculation-in-javascriptcore/
      • v8 とは異なって、 JIT の最適化を Profiling と Speculation のフェーズに分けて説明してる
        • Speculation といいつつ殆んど JIT の話
      • Optimizer Chain(?)の全体構成や個々の最適化(手法)も一通り紹介されている
      • 結構 V8 とは方向性が違う印象
  • Position
  • Other
    • Big updates in Safari 14 with Ronak Shah and Beth Dakin (The Changelog #400) - Changelog

Edge 動向


TC39 動向





Wrap Up

  • web.dev live の wrapup
  • referrer policy default to strict-origin-when-cross-origin
  • SameSite Cookie Lax by default rollout again
  • Firefox ETP redirect tracking protection (cookie purging)
  • declarative shadow dom OT
  • Content Visiblity
  • Document Policy Ship
  • BFCache Android & opt-out JS API
  • Cache-Control in the wild
  • HTTPS 証明書の有効期限短縮
  • Safari JSC の長文ブログ
  • Chaina の TLS1.3 + ESNI の GFW でのブロック
  • IETF 108 remote
  • ALPS
  • Client Hints Reliability
  • Import Assertions Rename
  • Record + Tuple
  • await opration
  • Rome Introduction