ep69 Monthly Web 202006



第 69 回のテーマは 2020 年 6 月の Monthly Web です。

Show Note

Chrome 動向

Firefox 動向

Safari 動向

  • Stable: 13.1.1
  • Updates
    • WWDC
    • Safari 14 Beta Release Notes
      • https://developer.apple.com/documentation/safari-release-notes/safari-14-beta-release-notes
      • WebExtension for macOS
      • Webpage Translation
      • Support for HTTP/3
      • Improved web platform tests pass rate
      • https://developer.apple.com/videos/play/wwdc2020/10663/
        • Performance improvements
          • Link clicking to unvisited page 13% faster
          • Link clicking to recently visited page 42% faster
          • Entering URL to recently visited page 52% faster
          • Instant back 34% more pages
          • First-page PDF render while downloading 60x faster
          • Closing unresponsive tabs 50ms
          • Scrolling CPU usage 3x less
          • IndexedDB operations Up to 10x faster
          • for-of loops Up to 5x faster
          • JavaScript Promises Up to 2x faster
          • JavaScript delete operations Up to 12x faster
        • WebP のサポート
        • HDR のサポート @media only screen (dynamic-range: high)
        • Picture-in-picture API
        • など
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 108
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 109 with Safari 14 Features
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10875/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-109-with-safari-14-features/
      • Safari Web Extension
      • Privacy Report
      • Improved tab management with tab previews
        • inactive なタブを hover するとページのプレビューが出るようになった
      • Website icons in tabs
        • タブに favicon が表示されるようになった
      • Password breach notifications
        • iCloud Keychain に保存されているパスワードの漏洩があったら通達する
        • well-known URL (.well-known/change-password)にユーザーをアクセスさせる
      • Domain-bound codes
      • Web Authentication
      • Adobe Flash no longer support in Safari
      • Web API
        • Changed the file picker of the <input> file element to show the selection filter (r262895)
        • Changed to disallow XHR+Fetch responses when a response contains invalid header values (r262511)
        • Changed image referrerpolicy mutations to be considered "relevant mutations" (r263167)
        • Fixed empty dataTransfer.types when handling the dragstart event (r262507)
        • Fixed a case of being unable to select an item from dropdown (r263179)
        • Made ReadableStream robust against user code (r263141)
      • CSS
        • Fixed align-content to apply for a single line (r262716)
        • Fixed pseudo-elements (::after) in shadow roots to animate (r262711)
        • Fixed CSS custom properties for specific border properties (r262627)
      • Web Animations
        • Fixed animating font-size values with em units (r262946)
      • SVG
        • Fixed Document.currentScript to work for SVGScriptElements (r262945)
        • Fixed multiple SVG filters unexpectedly lightening the image using linearRGB (r262893)
      • IndexedDB
        • Added support for IDBFactory databases method (r263157)
      • Scrolling
        • Fixed horizontally scrolling elements that are broken when revealed by toggling visibility (r262774)
      • Layout
        • Changed to not apply the special anchor handling when the anchor content is visible after clamping (r262892)
        • Fixed inserted text placeholder to vertically align to top and behave like a block-level element when it has 0 width (r262525)
      • Media
        • Fixed a YouTube video that gets stuck after rapidly tapping on touchbar's picture-in-picture button (r262599)
        • Added a quirk to allow starting AudioContext if document was interacted (r263025)
      • WebRTC
        • Improved SCTP cookie generation (r263154)
      • Back-forward Cache
        • Stopped allowing pages served over HTTPS with Cache-Control: no-store into the back-forward cache (r262978)
      • JavaScript
        • Added support for private class fields (r262613)
        • Added "el" (Greek) to our maintained available locales list (r262992)
        • Changed Logical Assignment to perform NamedEvaluation of anonymous functions (r262638)
        • Changed JSON.stringify to throw stack overflow error (r262727)
        • Changed RegExp.prototype getters to throw on cross-realm access (r262908)
        • Changed super to not depend on proto (r263035)
        • Fixed AsyncGenerator to await return completions (r262979)
        • Made errors an own property of AggregateError instead of a prototype accessor (r263006)
      • Editing
        • Fixed text form controls to prevent scrolling by a pixel when the value is the same length as the size (r263073)
        • Fixed observing a newly displayed element inside previously observed content (r263044)
        • Fixed text manipulation to exclude characters outside of the unicode private use area (r262645)
        • Fixed editing to handle nested item boundary elements (r263101)
        • Fixed to not re-extract elements whose children have been manipulated (r263132)
        • Fixed first and last unit in a paragraph to not contain only excluded tokens (r262601)
      • Accessibility
        • Changed <address> element to no longer map to ARIA contentinfo role (r263096)
      • Apple Pay
        • Added new values for -apple-pay-button-type (r262528)
      • Web Inspector
        • Changed text inputs to not spellcheck or autocomplete (r262848)
        • Fixed an issue where XHRs with the same URL as the main resource were not shown in the Sources Tab (r262842)
        • Improved the performance of resizing the Scope Chain panel in the details sidebar of the Sources Tab (r263115)
      • Web Driver
        • Fixed Automation.computeElementLayout to return iframe-relative element rects when the coordinate system is "Page" (r262997)
        • Fixed WebDriver on non-iOS ports that cannot perform ActionChain which has scrolling down to the element and click it (r262861)
  • Position
  • Other

Edge 動向


TC39 動向





Wrap Up

  • WWDC
    • web extension
    • wep
    • privacy concern
  • Firefox regexp redesign
  • QUIC Last Call
  • ES2020 / Intl Release
  • Black Lives Matter - Wording(white/black, master/slave)
  • インドが中国のアプリをブロック
  • パスワード漏洩検知をみんなやりはじめた
  • replaceChildren 同時実装