ep67 Monthly Web 202004



第 67 回のテーマは 2020 年 4 月の Monthly Web です。

Show Note

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Safari 動向

  • Stable: 13.1
  • Updates
    • New WebKit Features in Safari 13.1
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10247/new-webkit-features-in-safari-13-1/
      • Pointer and Mouse Events on iPadOS
      • Web Animations API
      • Async Clipboard API
      • JavaScript Improvements
      • ResizeObserver
      • HTML enterkeyhint Attribute
      • CSS Shadow Parts
      • More CSS Additions
      • Media APIs
      • Subtitles and Captions
      • WebRTC Legacy Audio and Proxy Support
      • Performance Improvements
      • Security Improvements
      • Intelligent Tracking Prevention Updates
      • Web Platform Quality Improvements
      • Web Inspector Updates
      • Redesigned Color Picker
      • Customized AR QuickLook
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 104
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10264/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-104/
      • Added HTTP3 as an experimental feature (r258678)
      • Added label text to suggested values for a <datalist> element (r259330)
      • Removed synchronous termination of service workers (r259383)
      • Added support for :is() (r259261)
      • Added initial support for WebRTC HEVC (r259452)
      • Supported inserting text or dictation alternative by simulating keyboard input (r258873)
      • Supported resolution of IPv6 STUN/TURN addresses (r259338)
      • Improved title and text used in prompts (r258961)
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 105
      • https://webkit.org/blog/10428/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-105/
      • Added Selectors Level 4 specificity calculation for pseudo classes (r260024, r260069)
      • Added support for font-relative lh and rlh unit frp, CSS Values Level 4 specification (r259703)
      • Implemented BigInt.prototype.toLocaleString (r259919)
      • Implemented logical assignment operators (r260119)
      • Made a change to update ScreenTime as playback state changes (r260182, r260201)
      • Filtered some capture device names (r259477)
      • Added support for applying a frameRate limit when the request stream is from Camera (r260245)
      • Added support for pseudoElement on KeyframeEffect and KeyframeEffectOptions (r260139)
    • Web Animations in Safari 13.1
    • A Tour of Inline Caching with Delete
  • Other

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TC39 動向





Wrap Up

  • ブラウザが Compatibility risk のある変更を延期
  • Trusted Types + C-O-* = Securer Context 周りが始まった
  • zoom の脆弱性と E2E 暗号化から WebRTC Insertable Stream の話
  • es2020 の candidate
  • Compact TLS 1.3
  • MsQuic 公開
  • Covid-19 によるネットワークトラフィック統計 by Fastly/Cloudflare
  • Twitter Cache のバグと Firefox 実装の話