ep62 Monthly Web 202001



第 62 回のテーマは 2019 年 12 月と 2020 年 1 月の Monthly Web 合併号です。

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  • Stable:13.0.3
  • Updates
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 97
      • https://webkit.org/blog/9672/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-97/
      • Enabled Resize Observer by default (r251822)
      • Added UI with instructions for authenticating with a security key while authenticating
      • Added support for legacy Google NFC Titan security keys (r252297)
      • Enabled Web Animations CSS Integration, a new implementation of CSS Animations and CSS Transitions, by default (r252945)
      • Added support for AnimationEvent.pseudoElement (r251840)
      • Implemented Animation.commitStyles() (r252966)
      • WebInspector Update
      • Back-Forward Cache Update
      • Added support for Clipboard.readText() (r252627)
      • Added support for the Q unit (r251662)
      • Implemented the CSS clamp() function (r253105)
      • Enabled Remote Playback API by default (r251784, r251737)
      • Ensured the MediaRemote callback always called (r252331)
      • Batched multiple EME key requests into one request and response (r251895)
      • Added BigInt support for ++ and -- (r252680)
      • Implement String.prototype.replaceAll (r252683)
      • Enabled the Picture-in-Picture API by default (r251925, r251745, r251797)
      • Added support for the :picture-in-picture CSS pseudo-class for video elements in picture-in-picture mode (r252330)
      • Fixed picture-in-picture events to fire when entering or exiting the picture-in-picture mode (r252240)
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 98
      • https://webkit.org/blog/9689/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-98/
      • Enabled Web Animations CSS Integration, a new implementation of CSS Animations and CSS Transitions, by default (r252945)
      • Implemented Animation.commitStyles() (r252966)
      • Enabled the Generic Text Track Cue API (r253695)
      • Ensured transparency layers are properly ended when only painting root background (r253692)
      • Implemented OffscreenCanvas.convertToBlob (r253474)
      • Implemented the clamp() function (r253105)
      • Added sanitization for HTML and image data written using clipboard.write (r253486)
      • Changed to issue the load sooner on swipe back/forward navigation (r253360)
      • Re-disabled TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 by default (r253292)
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 99
      • https://webkit.org/blog/9992/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-99/
      • Removed support for Adobe Flash
      • Added support for using valid non-zero width and height attributes to become the default aspect ratio of <img> (r254669)
      • Added a check to ensure Service Workers terminate after a period of time when thread blocking (r253898)
      • Denied Notification API access for non-secure contexts (r253899)
      • Removed the low priority resource load for sendBeacon to reduce failure rates (r253847)
      • Added support for image-set() standard syntax (r254406)
      • Added support for rendering highlights specified in CSS Highlight API (r253857)
      • Enabled HDR Media Capabilities by default (r253853)
      • Implemented "create a potential-CORS request" (r254000)
      • Implemented transceiver setCodecPreferences (r253966)
      • Stopped creating CSS Animations for <noscript> elements (r254201)
      • Added support for a user gesture to allow using the Web Share API even when preceded by an XHR call (r254178)
    • New WebKit Features in Safari 13
      • https://webkit.org/blog/9674/new-webkit-features-in-safari-13/
      • Desktop-class Browsing on iPad
      • Pointer Events
      • Visual Viewport API
      • Programmatic Paste
      • Accelerated Scrolling on iOS and iPadOS
      • Performance Improvements
      • Intelligent Tracking Prevention
      • FIDO2-compliant USB Security Keys
      • More Privacy and Security Improvements
      • Apple Pay in WKWebView
      • Media Improvements
      • Dark Mode for iOS and iPadOS
      • Improved Home Screen Web Apps on iOS and iPadOS
      • Safari WebDriver for iOS
      • Web Inspector Improvements
  • Other

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TC39 動向





  • 1 月
    • 7-12: Mozilla All Hands
  • 2 月
    • 10: WebAssembly Summit
  • 3 月
    • 27: IETF 107 Vancouver
  • 4 月
  • 5 月
    • 12-14: Google I/O
  • 6 月
    • 19: SecWeb