ep50 Monthly Web 201903



第 50 回のテーマは 2019 年 03 月の Monthly Web です。

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  • Stable: 12.1
  • Safari Technology Preview NN
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 77
      • https://webkit.org/blog/8658/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-77/
      • Fixed getUserMedia with an ideal deviceId constraint to always select the correct device (r241489)
      • Made navigator.mediaDevices SecureContext (r241602)
      • Fixed WebSocket to not fire events after being stopped (r241599)
      • Fixed Same-Site Lax cookies to be sent with cross-site redirect from a client-initiated load (r241918)
      • Updated the MIME type parser (r241863)
      • Changed to handle indefinite percentages in fit-content() (r241746)
      • Fixed HTML5 <footer> tag to be read as an ARIA Landmark to VoiceOver (r242051)
      • Fixed incorrectly mapping the <meter> element to progressbar (r241989)
      • Fixed setting fullscreen pseudo-classes outside of root when entering fullscreen from inside of a shadow root (r241484)
      • Changed inline WebVTT styles to start with ::cue (r241608)
      • Fixed a bug that caused loading on some sites to hang in Safari Technology Preview (r241658)
      • Made the window.safari object available in frames opened to safari-extension:// resources
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 78
      • https://webkit.org/blog/8676/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-78/
      • Enabled support for Pointer Events by default (r242232)
      • Added support for Pointer Events on macOS (r242137)
      • Fixed string not getting terminated with a null character (r242352)
      • Adjusted XMLHttpRequest Content-Type handling (r242284)
      • Added support for the referrerpolicy attribute (r242534)
      • Implemented further CORS restrictions (r242786)
      • Added remote search support for keyboard focusable element search type (r242528)
      • Removed HEVC as a codec requiring hardware support (r242357)
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