ep49 Monthly Web 201902



第 49 回のテーマは 2019 年 02 月の Monthly Web です。

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  • Stable: 12.0.3
  • Updates
    • Safari 12.1 Release Notes
      • https://developer.apple.com/documentation/safari_release_notes/safari_12_1_release_notes
      • Safari 12.1 is included with iOS 12.2 and macOS 10.14.4.
      • It's also available for macOS 10.13.6 and 10.12.6.
      • General
        • Updated the push notification prompt for Safari on macOS to require a user gesture.
      • Password AutoFill
        • Updated Password AutoFill to sign in automatically to websites after filling in the credentials.
      • Security and Privacy
        • Removed support for the expired Do Not Track standard to prevent potential use as a fingerprinting variable.
        • Updated the link behavior for "target=_blank" to include rel="noopener" implicitly.
      • Intelligent Tracking Prevention
        • Removed support for partitioned cookies for domains with cross-site tracking capabilities. The Storage Access API now provides third-party access to cookies.
        • Improved Intelligent Tracking Prevention to limit long-term tracking based on client-side first-party cookies and to verify partitioned cache entries.
      • Web API
        • Added a supported-color-schemes meta tag to indicate a website supports light and dark color schemes.
        • Added support for the Intersection Observer API, which detects the intersection of visible elements relative to other elements. Elements include the viewport of the top-level document.
        • Added support for the Web Share API to invoke the native share dialog provided by the system.
        • Added support for <input type="color">.
        • Added support for the <datalist> element.
      • Payment Request API
        • Added support for granular errors.
        • Added support for the default addresses and contacts configured in Wallet system preferences on macOS, or Wallet & Apple Pay settings on iOS.
        • Added support for special fields for Japan including phoneticName, subLocality, and subAdministrativeArea.
      • CSS and Text
        • Added support for the CSS media queries prefers-color-scheme: light and prefers-color-scheme: dark.
        • Added support for CSS rules to customize text decorations like underlines and dashed underlines.
        • Added support for new rgb() color functions from the CSS Color 4 specification.
      • Media
        • Added support for WebRTC Unified Plan, H.264 simulcast, and VP8 to improve support for multi-party video conferencing.
        • Enabled cross-browser Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) by adding APIs without the webkit prefix.
    • Intelligent Tracking Prevention 2.1
  • Safari Technology Preview NN
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 75
      • https://webkit.org/blog/8594/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-75/
      • Enabled Screen Capture (r240635)
      • Added the ability to enable and disable Intelligent Tracking Prevention Debug Mode in the Develop menu (r240129)
      • Implemented flow-relative inset properties (r240334)
      • Implemented flow-relative margin, padding and border shorthands (r240251)
      • Removed support for the expired Do Not Track standard to prevent potential use as a fingerprinting variable. (後述)
    • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 76
      • https://webkit.org/blog/8607/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-76/
      • Fixed overflow element scrollbar for dark mode content
      • Simplified and streamlined code that creates an appropriate document based on MIME type
      • Added basic scrollability for async overflow scrolling
      • Aligned with Fetch on data: URLs
      • Added a "Reset All to Defaults" option in the Experimental Features menu of the Develop menu
  • Other
    • DNT の削除
      • TP には expired と書かれてる
      • おそらく先月(2019/1)に DNT の WG がクローズしたことを言ってそう
      • Draft は WG-Note として公開されている
      • 形骸化しており Fingerprint にしか使われていない
      • GDPR や ITP など、別の方法の効果が出たので、消すことにしたのではないだろうか
    • IntersectionObserver in WebKit

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