ep47 Monthly Web 201812


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第 47 回のテーマは 2018 年 12 月の Monthly Web です。

Show Note

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Safari 動向

  • Stable: 12.0.2
  • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 71
    • https://webkit.org/blog/8517/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-71/
    • Support supported-color-schemes
    • Update prefers-color-scheme
    • Enabled Web Animations by default in the Experimental Features menu
    • Enabled Intersection Observer by default in the Experimental Features menu
    • Added Web Authentication as an experimental feature with support for USB-based CTAP2 devices
    • Changed CSS Painting API to pass size, arguments, and input properties to the paint callback
    • Unprefixed text-decoration CSS3 properties
    • Required <iframe allow="display"> for an iframe to use getDisplayMedia
    • Added BigInt support into ValueAdd
  • Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 72
    • https://webkit.org/blog/8547/release-notes-for-safari-technology-preview-72/
    • Added support for CTAP HID authenticators on macOS (r238729)
    • Added CSS Painting API support for multiple worklets. (r239067)
    • Added support for firing the devicechange event when more capture device information is revealed when getUserMedia is granted by user (r238796)
    • Enabled .mjs content when loaded from file:// (r238673)
    • Added BigInt support for logic operations (r238861)
    • Implemented BigInt support for << and >> (r238790)
  • Other

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TC39 動向



  • J-STAGE が Firefox でのアクセスを遮断、日本の電子ジャーナルが世界から不可視となった日
    • https://note.mu/note_s/n/n517ff243e083
    • TLS1.2 対応と 1.0/1.1 の削除をセキュリティのために行った
    • しかし必須の暗号スイートに対応してないためネゴシエーションできない
    • まるでブラウザの方が悪いかのような言い方をしていた
    • 一旦ロールバックし復旧
  • DNS over TLS: Encrypting DNS end-to-end - Facebook Code
  • ImperialViolet - Zero-knowledge attestation